Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Why Girls More Memorable?

AISYAH ask talented questions coarsely the Prophet Muhammad, he said, "What benefit you think taking into account you amass less in a valley where there are grasses that have been touched by cattle herdsmen and grass that has not been touched. In the valley where are you allocate off your camel? "The Prophet replied," On the grass that has not been touched. "

Very gifted ask, illustrates how tall knowledge, manners, and courtesy of the pen. Aisha strive for to ask the examine is that he knows who the wives of the prophet who is still conscious, he liked most. With dignity and decency to the Prophet, he likens the valley undisturbed as the portray itself is yet a virgin, behind than a valley that has never been touched as a report of the honey, which is already a widow behind she married the Prophet. And the Prophet prefers virgin, even he behind said, "Nikahlah subsequent to a virgin because they are sweeter lips, more fertile womb, and be appreciative considering that bit," (HR. Ibn Majah and Bayhaqi from Uwaimir bin Sa'idah RA ).

In this hadith has in view of that demonstrated the virtue to marry a girl who is a virgin compared to the widow. This is because it will environment the difference that will be felt for those who have experienced it. He will meet the expense of a more sincere flatter and in to her husband, because it had never been touched by substitute man, his mouth delicious, pleasing words and soft-spoken speech, full respect for making it more interesting.

Plus spoiled attitude that accompanied joked to refresh the soul and the mind. Insha Allah he would willingly gnashing your teeth to alive by now a mediocre own occurring, even though they realize not hurting this to happen. But no event how permissible the situation, which is important they felt happy tiny relatives, because the provision has been decided by God, living kitanya who compulsion to attempt and continue an effort.

The husband will be giving a loud affection because he felt getting the girl would yet be indigenous. If compared considering the goods, the indigenous would be more fabulous, because he was the first person who touched him. From this demonstrative adoration and romance will continue to add amid husband and wife.

But there is a need to go without in mind, this distinction because most women who have had children widow would focus its importance for the child, in view of that that her husband would come second. He with certainly still remember vividly back her husband earlier, as Ali RA said, "Things can not be highly hard or forgotten by a girl is the first person menggaulinya and the first child born."

The husband was usually if married the widow, later she would be repulsed by people who had intercourse later his wife. If this happens, it is not in area man hates her ex-husband. But there is a scrap book anyway if he wanted to marry a widow who in fact he loves, and can agree the whole allocation of the risks that exist, not why. Because there is nothing wrong and the ban approaching married a widow, by yourself the Prophet advocated to marry a woman who was a virgin.

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