Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Due to the danger Bigfoot Ate Too Much

In Indonesia, jengkol is a forest that is often used for eatable seeds. Jengkol seeds are usually processed and consumed in the form of chips, stews, chili fries, rendang, ointment or even eaten raw.

So many nutrients contained in jengkol, such as vitamin A, vitamin B, calcium, iron, and phosphorus. Therefore, jengkol said to accelerate wound healing, lowers high blood pressure, and a series of supplementary promote.

However, in put in to the nutrition content, jengkol in addition to contain Jengkolat rancorous compounds that can cause poisoning if too much accumulates in the body.

poisoning Jengkol

Many factors can cause a person to experience jengkol poisoning, including one's endurance, gastric acidity, jengkol amount consumed, age jengkol seeds, and how to chef.

Eating beans raw or undercooked jengkol alleged role provides the potential risk of accidental poisoning jengkol, because Jengkolat acid contained in the seeds of unripe jengkol nevertheless intact and roomy.

Poisoning symptoms Jengkol

Generally, a person will deed symptoms of poisoning jengkol at 5-12 hours after eating jengkol.

The symptoms may sum abdominal stomach-throb, vomiting, stomach-tormented during urination, and blood in the urine. If this continues at all times, renal failure may occur, characterized by discharge of urine or urine that came out gone a totally little amount.

Overcoming and Preventing Poisoning Jengkol

Jengkolat unapproachable poisoning mild (low declaration hurting and abdominal agonized) can be treated by drinking profusion of water and sodium bicarbonate administration until the symptoms disappear. While in onslaught of discordant poisoning symptoms (unable to urinate, red urine, or can not beverage), later the enjoyable to benefit should be referred to hospital for optional appendage treatment.

To prevent poisoning caused by eating jengkol, it is severe to note the subsequent to:

Avoid eating jengkol concerning an blank front (in the by now meals) and / or not in the midst of food / beverages that are acidic.

Avoid eating jengkol in its raw assign leave to enter. Jengkol should be cooked in front consumption in order jengkolatnya spiteful content can be edited. Jengkol sour-containing unprofessional Jengkolat on top of jengkol already cooked.

Before cooking, the seeds can be planted first jengkol in the sports ground as a result that the acid content is shortened jengkolatnya.

Do not consume excessive jengkol, particularly for individuals who have kidney problems.

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