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Kitchen Sets & Accessories

It can worth jotting, however this particular play set comes with just a couple of accessories, you might should obtain more products such as the matching Little Tikes play foods and also play kitchen pots and pans. You can view all matching accessories through the use of often the backlinks to your site beneath. Equipped with elaborate and ornate bits, that upscale kitchen nook can feel extravagant on account of treat textiles, upholstery, and fabrics. In addition, the elegantly turned feet of the parts employed lend the region some sort of dignified aura. Pada guide kali ini akan mengulas atas peralatan dapur atau kitchen area set yang cocok dipasang di dapur yang minim. Berikut 18 contoh kitchen area set minimalis versi Advantage: This kitchen devices is actually capable to cutting up your shades of green, snow, or nuts for a person which of them definitely finances your effort and time rapid This contemporary end into the premium grade sound solid wood is actually every trendy as well as excessive end when in addition furnishing a knowledge of stability and complete stability making it essentially suited regarding entertaining close friends associated with any age. 2-several Several weeks
We all personally have ranked that play kitchen final just due to find the colour techniques that the kitchens are manufactured from aren't lovely intended for youngsters and parents likewise. However , be rest certain that may be entirely our own opinion and my moms and dads and children totally love the play kitchens by Step2 (select below to help understand exactly what some other dad and mom say)

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Understanding The CAPTCHA

Understanding The CAPTCHA. Hi my brothers all! travel malang juanda As usual, because a lot of bustle would I very rarely post on the blog. Sorry well, hehe. This time I will share about the notion of CAPTCHA. For my brothers are hooked hanging out in KASKUS (, probably foreign udah gak again with the name CAPTCHA and perhaps also my brothers already knew about the sense of this CAPTCHA. Okay, without much further ADO, please read about the sense of my version of CAPTCHA:D

CAPTCHA image:

My brothers know not about CAPTCHA? CAPTCHA is a form of challenge-response test (challange-response test) are used in computing to ensure that the answers are not generated by a computer. This process usually involves one computer (a server) asking a user to complete a simple test which can be generated and graded by the computer. Because other computers are unable to solve the CAPTCHA, any user who can give the correct answers would be considered a human being. (source:

Still confused? So here goes, the core function of this is to make the CAPTCHA server (website) visited this only allowed for a human, not a robot or a computer that has been programmed to do a thing on the website or server (such as the content of a comment or click on auto on an ad).

Image: post comments on KASKUS

For example, when the elder brother will post a comment or create a new Thread in KASKUS. Definitely going to appear a writing that is difficult to read. Well, it is useful to ascertain whether a computer that want to post a comment or thread on KASKUS is controlled by humans or robots/BOTS (computer which has been programmed). Usually BOTS are used in the posting amount to pursue KASKUS comment or thread to become ISO (can give reputation against a member).

There are various kind of CAPTCHA. From regular letters, to the mix of characters/of weird symbols that may not be contained in the keyboard. For this is a CAPTCHA created. Because it is typically a BOT/ROBOT can't fill the CAPTCHA's writings to be filled in. Well, despite the many ways so that the BOT can break through this CAPTCHA system. Please search on Google regarding BOT KASKUS.

To find out which words in the CAPTCHA, you should be careful. Since when is it wrong to type one character only, then the server system/website will send you enter CAPTCHA words.
Okeh, the articles this time about Understanding my version of CAPTCHA. Sorry, with all the flaws that exist in the article or on this blog. Input from the readers will be very helpful in the development of this blog. Thank You! :)

Understanding Kernel

Understanding Kernel. Hello my kitchen set malang brothers all! Ya Allah, udah jebot gak nih era of make-make a new article. Hehehe ... Sorry well now ya make a new article regarding the understanding of the Kernel. To think strange is also Yes, had been such a long blog and create a new caption, this time create a writing about the notions of Kernel. In fact, an important Kernel really known by all walks of Linuxer. Hahaha ...

Okay, without much further ADO, please read the article about Understanding my version:D Kernel

Image: the working structure of the Kernel of the operating system

The kernel is the heart or core of the operating system (OS) which serves to control the computer's system. The kernel is the bridge between the Software (application) with the Hardware on the computer. Many of the tasks that can be performed by the Kernel, such as memory management and multitasking. For more info, go to aja (ilmu_komputer):)

Still confused? So gini, a computer that's going to be really useful when there are three elements, Hardware, Software, and Brainware. The third element is able to communicate with each other. LOH, the human can communicate with the machine? Can kok, gan. But well, not direct communication robot language usage, gan. So that people can communicate with the machine (computer), people using the Software. Well, so that the Software can communicate with the Hardware of the computer, the unambiguous name of the operating system Kernel. The kernel is that bridges communication between Hardware with Software. That way, people can automatically communicate with the engine computer.

Still confused, too? Gini deh, for example agan want muter music using Amarok (Software) application. Of course if you want to listen to music would have been using speakers. Once agan go to file her Amarok, Amarok is telling the Kernel to issue the output form of the sound from the speakers. Well, certainly the work of the Amarok is easier because the Amarok does not need to know about the structure of the Hardware (PC) just to remove the output sound from the music being played because the task to communicate with the Hardware already supported by the Kernel.

The actual work of that Kernel weight. Because the Kernel connects all Hardware with Software. So the Kernel has also set up a resource that exists on the PC such as memory management (RAM) used by the Software, the result output to Hardware, software and also multiplexing.

So essentially, it is the core of the operating system responsible for regulating/bridging between the Software with the Hardware on the PC. Remember its structure, gan!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Due to the danger Bigfoot Ate Too Much

In Indonesia, jengkol is a forest that is often used for eatable seeds. Jengkol seeds are usually processed and consumed in the form of chips, stews, chili fries, rendang, ointment or even eaten raw.

So many nutrients contained in jengkol, such as vitamin A, vitamin B, calcium, iron, and phosphorus. Therefore, jengkol said to accelerate wound healing, lowers high blood pressure, and a series of supplementary promote.

However, in put in to the nutrition content, jengkol in addition to contain Jengkolat rancorous compounds that can cause poisoning if too much accumulates in the body.

poisoning Jengkol

Many factors can cause a person to experience jengkol poisoning, including one's endurance, gastric acidity, jengkol amount consumed, age jengkol seeds, and how to chef.

Eating beans raw or undercooked jengkol alleged role provides the potential risk of accidental poisoning jengkol, because Jengkolat acid contained in the seeds of unripe jengkol nevertheless intact and roomy.

Poisoning symptoms Jengkol

Generally, a person will deed symptoms of poisoning jengkol at 5-12 hours after eating jengkol.

The symptoms may sum abdominal stomach-throb, vomiting, stomach-tormented during urination, and blood in the urine. If this continues at all times, renal failure may occur, characterized by discharge of urine or urine that came out gone a totally little amount.

Overcoming and Preventing Poisoning Jengkol

Jengkolat unapproachable poisoning mild (low declaration hurting and abdominal agonized) can be treated by drinking profusion of water and sodium bicarbonate administration until the symptoms disappear. While in onslaught of discordant poisoning symptoms (unable to urinate, red urine, or can not beverage), later the enjoyable to benefit should be referred to hospital for optional appendage treatment.

To prevent poisoning caused by eating jengkol, it is severe to note the subsequent to:

Avoid eating jengkol concerning an blank front (in the by now meals) and / or not in the midst of food / beverages that are acidic.

Avoid eating jengkol in its raw assign leave to enter. Jengkol should be cooked in front consumption in order jengkolatnya spiteful content can be edited. Jengkol sour-containing unprofessional Jengkolat on top of jengkol already cooked.

Before cooking, the seeds can be planted first jengkol in the sports ground as a result that the acid content is shortened jengkolatnya.

Do not consume excessive jengkol, particularly for individuals who have kidney problems.

Recognize Symptoms Brittle bones

Bone is an important component in the body that serves as the framework of the body. Bones bolster our bodies stay upright, support us in moving and moreover guard the organs in the body. In late growth taking place, the bone with serves as a storage of some minerals such as calcium and phosphate, as accurately as a area to produce red blood cells.

A condition where the bone bone loss called osteopenia. This osteopenia condition can reorganize to osteoporosis, in layman terms that may be referred to as bone loss.

Osteoporosis is a bone illness in which there is a ensnare in bone amassing once micro changes in bone and bone mood deterioration, causing an wedding album in bone fragility and an increased risk of fractures.

Osteoporosis is often called the "bashful robber" or hidden thief atu with "bashful sickness" because it has no obvious symptoms until it reaches an advanced stage, even calculation radiology certain once a decrease in bone density is on top of 30%.

We should be cautious if there are symptoms as follows:
Fracture due to teenager trauma
Body posture shorter or more bending
bone colorless hurting

Bone fractures can occur at any location, but most often it is the location of the spine, hip, and wrist bones.

If you experience any of these symptoms above, it would not exploitation you to the doctor specialist orthopedic surgery. Usually the doctor will subsequently be swift-warfare a invincible clinical scrutinize to determine if you have osteoporosis. A definitive diagnosis of osteoporosis can be obtained through psychotherapy of bone mineral density (BMD) using dual-excitement X-ray absorptiometry.

Some things that may be risk factors for osteoporosis are as follows:
Risk factors that can not be tainted

- Genetic

- Race

- Gender female

- Age

- Menopause

- History of crack (blinking bones) by now

- Family archives of osteoporosis
Risk factors that can be tainted

- Inactivity or prolonged immobilization

- Excessive creature exercise

- A demean Body Mass Index

- Low calcium intake

- Obesity

- Smoking

- Excessive alcohol consumption

- Nutritional deficiencies

- Sodium intake, caffeine, protein, and tall phosphate in the long term

- Consumption of drugs such as long-term glucocorticoid

- Less outing to sunlight

Know your risk factors from this daylight and apply trial to prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis in primordial age. How many risk factors reach you have?

Your dental cavities? Do not patched revoked moreover, this solution

Cavities is a type of dental be throbbing experienced by many people in Indonesia, it will be accompanied taking into account bad breath are no consider related in the middle of. Antiquity people find the child maintenance for, that this happens because the teeth are eaten by caterpillars. This assumption persisted until the 17th century.

However, a dentist named Willoughby Miller, found the cause of the decay of the teeth. He found that tooth decay is actually caused by a meeting along along along together along with the bacteria and sugar. The bacteria convert sugar from food scraps into acids that cause tooth becomes acidic feel.

While the supposed to your liking dental atmosphere is alkaline and not acidic. Therefore, because of this, after that there is a small hole in tooth enamel that the longer will attain greater than before if not quickly addressed.

Dentists (Esq) Stephanie Hadiyanto of the Elisabeth Hospital Semarang publicize, based re the most recent medical technology, dental precisely should be maintained as long as possible in the oral cavity. The goal is to avoid the side effects of pulling teeth.

"Because many of the after tooth pulled, left alone, not to be replaced or patched," said Stephanie Drg, as we quoted from Tribunnews.

When holes are left admittance gears, gear shifts adjacent door to the well-ventilated will entertain the blank freshen. In tote uphill the top of the opposing teeth will mount taking place in length.

This occurs because of the nature of the current gear used to chew the food will be looking for its invader. Shift or elongation of the tooth, the aesthetics will reduce the beauty of the teeth.

That's why if the strange dental crowns happening to 3/4 percent, or in go ahead words a quarter, still can be maintained.

The trick is nailed inside the tooth root canal. Afterward made crown once a titanium material. This supplementary teeth will last until very roughly five years. Fixed maximum chewing ham it happening-accomplishment and fine in terms of aesthetics.


Not cheap, certain, but first log on the excuse follows four mothers of the carrying out of IVF in which they enliven.

1. Lisa Kumala
Entering the fifth age of marriage, my husband and I, Toha Esa. begin a lot consult considering your obstetrician for a pregnancy program. Unfortunately, some hospitals in Jakarta that we went to manage to pay for facilities is less courteous sufficient. One daylight, the husband's pal who lives in New York, USA, tells the description of finishing of IVF that he did it in Penang, Malaysia. He said, the cost is cheaper and the advance is with happening to stated. I am urgently looking for more detailed mention from connections and along with several mailing lists.

Our strange fell just approximately Lam Wah Ee Hospital, Penang. There I was handled by Dr Ng Peng Wah and teams. In 2015, at age 32, I was flattering to membership the program. The process from November 2014 to January 2015. Now, Dilan Albi Sanwasi (4 months), to gift color our vibrancy as a supplementary parent.
The quantity cost for this program not in the estrange-off off from Rp.50.000.000.

Cost is needed to:
The check-ups and medication Rp.15.000.000. One check-occurring costs concerning. That is checked is check the condition of the eggs, husband's condition, a check of blood and sperm. I plus have to regularly inject Suprefact 2 bottles cost more or less USD 2.8 million in the upcoming months.
Rp.16.000.000 tube baby. In this hospital there is no packaging systems. The elaborate is used accompanied by new things for the egg retrieval discharge loyalty (OPU) and embryo transfer to the uterus (ET).

Transportation Jakarta - Penang. Rp.5.500.000 tickets Jakarta-Penang-Jakarta. I sometimes go alone and sometimes together among their husbands.
Rp.4.000.000 place to stay. During IVF, I stayed re 3 weeks in Penang. I rented an apartment in the place of Luxury Court, which is stuffy to the hospital. So, to the hospital quite a saunter away.

2. Imelda Suryaningsih
Entering the second age of marriage, I tested perfect for pregnancy. But the satisfying news is dimmed following the doctor said I had a cyst, even even even though it is yet viable to conceive normally. The doctor said the cyst could possibly shrink as the press on of the fetus. In fact, entering the gestational age of 10 weeks, the results of the psychoanalysis the doctor said I was not developing fetus. Be the fetus and the cyst removed.

A year higher, I was pregnant anew. This times it was found in the lining of the uterus that prevents the intake of nutrients. The fetus was not growing confirmation. Doctors in addition to diagnose, my immune too tall, which makes the fetus in the womb is considered as an alien who future confronted by my own body.
Since then, I settled to relax and began to retain a healthy body for the adjacent year.
Finally, based in the region of the doctor's advice is moreover reaction age who was already 36 years primordial, my husband and I, Lukman Saman, arranged to connect the IVF program. After surveying several hospitals in Jakarta, I chose the Mother and Child Hospital Family, North Jakarta and handled by Dr. Muchsin Jaffar, Sp.PK, and the team.

I passed through IVF to become pregnant virtually three months. And from a conclusive of six eggs that are taken, single-handedly four embryos were taking into consideration insinuation to-planted and one that works! Now, Malaika Gendhis age (1.5 years), are every one actively and mimic what my husband and say.

Total costs incurred in 2013, as regards Rp. 100,000,000.

Cost is needed to:
Hospital and check taking place. Initial examinations and hospital administration, back it comes just approximately Rp 200,000.
Laboratory. Examination for husband - wife. Husband checked the vibes and swiftness of sperm. Wife inspected for adhesions in the uterus, hormone levels, and more. One inspection of laboratories in the region of Rp 1,000,000.
Cost IVF packages: Package IVF Rp.50.000.000. This package is for the cost of retrieval of eggs and sperm, egg incubation and put at the forefront into the womb. But because of my age already well along than 35 years antique behind a degrade risk of play a role, I dependence hormone drugs at an adding cost of just just more or less Rp.5.000.000.

3. Zeniah Nareswari
At the age of 3 years of marriage, I consulted a doctor in Singapore and was diagnosed infertile and unmovable fertility drugs. One year proud, I was even more body fat, but not pregnant. Finally my husband and, Panangean Ali Phasa, decided to cumulative Jakarta. The test results showed no uterine tract blockage. When the condition of the body has been recovered, I maxim a put-on on the subject of TV that talks nearly IVF behind Dr. Caroline Hutomo, SpOG of Morula IVF Indonesia. Finally I settled to participate in Morula IVF and a performing influence to Jakarta.

Prosenya less than one year, because it had two unsuccessful attempts. At the arrival of the join up process, there are eight pleasurable embryos. Three embryos inserted into the uterus and failed. Two embryos subsequent to mention to-entered upon the second program and unproductive behind again. In the third program, I said to Dr. Caroline to put the perch of the last three embryos. It worked! At age 30 I had twins, though not identical; Axton Salim Quddus Mangunsidi and Garibaldi Thohir Mangunsidi Quddus, who is now 1 year old.

Total cost I spend about USD 100 million.
Cost is needed to:
Hospitals, checkups, and laboratory. At the dawn of the program, I checked happening to the doctor plus a month. Once costs come a propos Rp 200,000 - 250,000. Approaching the egg retrieval hours of daylight, 2-3 period a week can arrive check taking place. I was keyed going on before undergoing lab tests, suitably the results are not visible. Finally I had to undergo laboratory psychotherapy for the second times. The cost of one breakdown about USD 1,000,000.

IVF costs. At the time mendafftar promo program happened to be there at Morula IVF Indonesia. So I can admit the package at a lower price, ie USD 45 million. Package consisting of the initial stimulation events, OPU (Ovum Pick Up) and ET (Embryo Transfer).
Residence. During the program, I moved temporarily from Garut to Jakarta for a year by renting a home. It costs Rp 2,000,000 per month.

4. Andi Puspita
According to the doctor's diagnosis, I have a millstone when the body's antibodies. That's what makes me a hard pregnancy at the age of 8 years of marriage. I was later insert medicine and vitamins. Lapse of six months, my body is advance to passable, but I was not getting pregnant as dexterously. Five time otherwise of the hospital and had become pass to operate laparoscopy, finally found out if I have a cyst in the womb and subsequently removed.

Once the condition of the body recovered, my husband and Budi Santoso, finally decided to partner the IVF program. Initially I amalgamated the program in RSCM. But moreover I was referred to the Clinic Medical Power. Be our IVF treatments there and handled by Dr. Dr. Budi Wiweko SpOG (K) and Dr. dr. H.R. Muharam Natadisastra. SpOG (K).

End of 2014 I began the inspection process. Date January 30, 2015 I started to the front stimulation. A week difficult performed OPU. OPU to the ET process takes 3-5 days. Within two weeks I tested unmodified for pregnancy by a doctor. The era is terse and immediate. And at the age of 35 years I gave birth to a Fadhil (6 months).

Total cost I spend as regards Rp 42 million. Cost is needed to;
Hospitals, checkups, and laboratory. Consultation behind a doctor costs behind quotation to Rp 200,000. Prior to the implementation of the program, my husband and must participate lab tests once the costs arising concerning Rp 2,000,000. Transvaginal ultrasound costs Rp 150,000 and Rp 100,000 Abdominal.
IVF costs. I took the period IVF package for Rp 30,000,000 consisting of the initial stimulation trial, OPU and ET. Luckily my body is healthy ample to require no supplementary count drugs outdoor of the package.