Sunday, August 28, 2016

Understanding The CAPTCHA

Understanding The CAPTCHA. Hi my brothers all! travel malang juanda As usual, because a lot of bustle would I very rarely post on the blog. Sorry well, hehe. This time I will share about the notion of CAPTCHA. For my brothers are hooked hanging out in KASKUS (, probably foreign udah gak again with the name CAPTCHA and perhaps also my brothers already knew about the sense of this CAPTCHA. Okay, without much further ADO, please read about the sense of my version of CAPTCHA:D

CAPTCHA image:

My brothers know not about CAPTCHA? CAPTCHA is a form of challenge-response test (challange-response test) are used in computing to ensure that the answers are not generated by a computer. This process usually involves one computer (a server) asking a user to complete a simple test which can be generated and graded by the computer. Because other computers are unable to solve the CAPTCHA, any user who can give the correct answers would be considered a human being. (source:

Still confused? So here goes, the core function of this is to make the CAPTCHA server (website) visited this only allowed for a human, not a robot or a computer that has been programmed to do a thing on the website or server (such as the content of a comment or click on auto on an ad).

Image: post comments on KASKUS

For example, when the elder brother will post a comment or create a new Thread in KASKUS. Definitely going to appear a writing that is difficult to read. Well, it is useful to ascertain whether a computer that want to post a comment or thread on KASKUS is controlled by humans or robots/BOTS (computer which has been programmed). Usually BOTS are used in the posting amount to pursue KASKUS comment or thread to become ISO (can give reputation against a member).

There are various kind of CAPTCHA. From regular letters, to the mix of characters/of weird symbols that may not be contained in the keyboard. For this is a CAPTCHA created. Because it is typically a BOT/ROBOT can't fill the CAPTCHA's writings to be filled in. Well, despite the many ways so that the BOT can break through this CAPTCHA system. Please search on Google regarding BOT KASKUS.

To find out which words in the CAPTCHA, you should be careful. Since when is it wrong to type one character only, then the server system/website will send you enter CAPTCHA words.
Okeh, the articles this time about Understanding my version of CAPTCHA. Sorry, with all the flaws that exist in the article or on this blog. Input from the readers will be very helpful in the development of this blog. Thank You! :)

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